About Us

Welcome to 911 Life Ministries

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911 Life was birthed in 2018 out of a desire to be a tangible extension of the love of Father God to the neediest in Colombia, South America. The ministry has three main fronts: 911 Family, the International Training and Equipping Center (ITEC), and the 911 Worship Room. We believe that true worship is not only praise and adoration but also pouring out God’s love in practical and tangible ways to those in need while training others to do the same in their own communities.

ITEC is a practical missions school which trains and equips believers from around the world in how to love, minister to, and serve those least valued by society. ITEC was birthed out of the necessity to train volunteer teams to minister confidently through the presence of God and the impartation of His love. Many believers are often in great spiritual need themselves. Therefore, as we build into them through teachings and impartations, God performs miraculous restoration in their lives, which dramatically impacts their ability to effectively minister to others not only in Colombia but also in their home communities.

The 911 Worship Room is a place where believers from around the world can gather together to worship God in creative and spontaneous song, prayer, prophetic art, and dance. We know that prayer and worship are essential ingredients for revival, both in people’s hearts and in communities throughout the world. As we honor God through prayer and worship, He visits us with His presence, leading to Divine encounters that bring revival in people’s hearts. They take this back home with them, igniting revival in their own communities.

Impoverished women throughout Colombia often find themselves in a vicious cycle which puts them at high risk of abuse, sex trafficking, gang involvement, and drugs. 911 Family is a full-time care program assisting at-risk single mothers and children in their spiritual, psychological, and educational growth. This healthy bilingual Christian atmosphere promotes the development of marketable skills which allow the women to earn a living wage for their families.